5 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Word

The art of using software effectively is to know precisely how it works – and moving and clicking the mouse costs you valuable time when composing a document in Word. However, you can speed up your document processing and editing with keyboard shortcuts. With a little practice, you will become much more efficient and productive. Here is a short list of common tasks and their keyboard shortcut commands. A complete list is available on Microsoft’s website, but this is enough to shave hours off your day!

Editing: It is not uncommon to need to remove words while editing. Use Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Backspace to speed up this process. Ctrl+Delete will delete the word to the right of your cursor and Ctrl+Backspace will remove the words to the left of your cursor. If you need to delete three words to the right of your cursor, press Ctrl+Delete three times. The same can be applied to Ctrl+Backspace.

Moving Paragraphs: When you want to move a paragraph from its current position to below the following paragraph, insert your cursor into the paragraph that you want to move and, while pressing Alt+Shift, press Down Arrow. Use Alt+Shift and Up Arrow to move the paragraph up.

Repeating Your Most Recent Action: F4 will repeat nearly every action you’ve taken on a document. It will duplicate formatting, deleting and typing.

Find and Replace: Ctrl+H will open the Find and Replace dialog box. If you only need to locate something in the document, Ctrl+F opens the Find tab.

Toggling Between Two Documents: When working on two separate documents, you can to switch to the document not displayed by simply pressing Alt+Tab. This feature will also switch to any other program you have open. Hold the Alt key and press Tab until the program you want is selected.

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